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River Fishing




Portree Angling Association offer a variety of river fishing in the north and east of Skye.  All the rivers contain brown trout, most have a reasonable run of sea trout and some offer an occasional salmon.  


The Association controls the fishing in the rivers in the east of the Trotternish peninsula – the Kilmaluag, Brogaig and Kilmartin –and the north bank of the River Lealt.


The Lealt is probably the shortest salmon river in Scotland if not the world.   There is only one pool fishable, at the foot of the Lealt Gorge beneath a magnificent waterfall.  The approach to the river is steep and the paths can get slippery with rain, so a reasonable degree of fitness is required as well as some agility.  Fly fishing is virtually impossible due to the cliffs surrounding the pool, so spinning and worm fishing are recommended.  


The Kilmaluag river is located in the north of the island and runs into the sea at Kilmaluag Bay.  This is a small river with runs of sea trout and the occasional salmon.


The Brogaig river just a few miles to the south and runs into Staffin Bay, another small river with sea trout and an occasional salmon.  Some good brown trout are present, particularly in the upper reaches.


The Kilmartin river rises in the Trotternish Ridge and flows past the village of Malagar and down the valley through a succession of pools to join the sea in Staffin Bay.  Given water, it can provide excellent sport with both salmon and sea trout.  Access is good, with the road to Malagar running alongside the river.  It is suitable for fly, small spinner or worm.


The Association leases a stretch of fishing on the upper reaches of the Snizort River.  This is Skye’s premier salmon water and can be very productive - last season the lower reaches yielded over 150 salmon.  Our Glenmore beat, in the river’s upper reaches, sees a very good run of salmon and sea trout.  Fifteen salmon were caught last year even though it was lightly fished.  There are also some good trout to be caught here.


We also have fishing on the river Ose, which joins the sea at Osedale and provides interesting angling for brown trout and a run of sea trout, with the possibility of a salmon.  A few miles to the east, running into Loch Beag, the Amar is a small river with a run of sea trout.


Except for the Snizort, grid references show the point where the river flows into the sea.



Kilmaluag River - NG438749


Description:        A spate river with sea trout and occasional salmon.


Parking:              Park by the minor road off the A855 at NG435742    To encourage youngsters to take up fishing all legal methods are allowed on this river



River Brogaig - NG476685


Description:        A small spate river with sea trout, salmon and good brown trout.

Parking:               Park with care in Brogaig or at Sartle Cemetery


Notes:                  Can be productive all the way to Sartle, with good holding pools throughout it full length.

                             To encourage youngsters to take up fishing alllegal methods are allowed on this river



Kilmartin River NG485684


Description:     A spate river with sea trout and occasional salmon.


Parking:            Park on the Malagar road or in Stenscholl Best parking for lower beats is in the lay-by beside the bridge on the single track                                                                                            

                         leading to the slipway.To encourage youngsters to take up fishing alllegal methods are allowed on this river



Notes:               Fishes well throughout its length, with numerous good holding pools.



River Ose  -NG314408


Description:  A spate river yielding brown trout and sea trout.


Parking:          Park in the lay-by at Ose Bridge on the A863 Sligachan to Dunvegan road for the lower reaches. For upper reaches, park at Balmeanach

                       road and follow the forestry track, taking the first right into Glen Ullinish.


Notes:           The Ose fishes best when running down after a spate.

                       A few miles to the East the Amar is a stream flowing into Loch Beag.

                       To encourage young members to take up angling all legal methods are allowed on the above river.



River Lealt - NG520605


Description:   The Lealt is a spate river which is fishes only in the pool below the spectacular Lealt Falls. Salmon and sea trout are caught.  

                       The Association has the fishing on the north bank only.


Parking:          Park by the A855 and follow the track to the shore, then along the river.  The approach to the pool is steep and can be slippery when



Notes:             Because of the restricted nature of this venue, fishing is allowed only in half day sessions and only after purchase of a permit from

                       Inside Out, Portree

                       Fly fishing is difficult because of the steep cliffs surrounding the head of the pool. Spinning with small toby-type spinners, spoons or            

                       Devon minnoes, or worm fishing are recommended.


                                                                     Please remember all Salmon must be returned.



Sligachan River - NG489305


                         The entire south bank (furthest away from Portree) of the river and the north bank from the old road bridge to the sea.

                         Caution should be excercised when fishing this river. It is prone to rapid rises if rain is on the Cuillin and as, even in spate, it is gin clear

                         then great care must be taken if wading as it is difficult to estimate the depth and velocity of the flow. In the upper glen underfoot conditions          

                         can be difficult with rough and boggy terrain. It is best to walk up the path on the south bank and access pools directly and regain the path        

                         to access the next pool. ALL SALMON CAUGHT MUST BE RETURNED. The river is located in an outstanding area of scenic beauty and is

                         a joy to fish.




River Snizort – (Glenmore Beat)  Upstream from grid ref: NG420426 (meeting with Loch Dubh)


Description:    The Association leases the fishing on both banks of the Glenmore beat and the left bank of the Achaleathain.


Parking:           Park by the road in Glenmore and walk down to the river or park on the Portree-Struan road at NG416436 and follow the forestry track              

                        to the river.


Notes:              The Snizort is Skye's premier Salmon river and has a good run of sea trout. it also has a good head of resident brown trout.

                        This beat is to fished by FLY ONLY. All migratory fish must be returned.




The Association has fishing on both banks above the Skeabost Hotel beat 12. Clearly marked by their beat number sign






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