Portree Angling Association


Visitor Permit Prices.


Permits must be purchased before fishing any waters.


These are provided at a reasonable cost to visitors:-


Storr Lochs( to include boat hire) for two persons ......   £50 per day / session


Storr lochs (bank fishing)    .....                                      £20 per person per day


Hill lochs (all included) ....                                               £15 per person per day


Rivers (all included)   ...                                                  £15 per person per day


Storr Lochfada

Fishing permits are required by law for game fishing in Scotland, but a separate rod licence is not necessary.


Boat hire includes 2 life jackets which must be worn.


It is illegal to fish these waters outwith the angling season.


The season for trout fishing on all lochs is 15th March to 30thSeptember inclusive.


The season for river fishing (all species) is 11th February to 15th October.


The season for rainbow trout, Loch leathan (large Storr) is from the 15th March to 30th November.


Please note there is bank Fishing on Portree Angling Club waters for members only on a Sunday


Sunday fishing reserved for members only


All salmon must be returned.







































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